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A Tribute To Pastor Lusk

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The Reverend Dr. Herbert Lusk, II, with all his honors, victories and accomplishments, he preferred to be called Pastor. He was a great moral example for all of us who served under his leadership. He wanted to lift up his community and those around him so that their lives would be improved. He ministered to those who were hurting, abused and neglected, to those who were broken hearted, and seemed far off from God, and those to whom Jesus referred to as the least of these Rev. Lusk was their Pastor.


When our school was about to be closed, Pastor stepped in and saved the Frederick Douglass Christian School from closing so that boys and girls from 3-years-old to the eighth grade could continue to receive an education based on a biblical foundation, encouraging them to grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ. He loved education and even more to see children making progress towards their future. I know of times when we were unable to make our payroll and Pastor made it possible for our staff to get paid. The families that we serve are so grateful that their children have an alternative to the public schools. Chester doesn’t have as many school choices as some larger cities, but Pastor kept this option open for our families.


Pastor Lusk never saw someone in need that he did not want to help. He dreamed of building in Chester the same kinds of ministries for the under-resourced and under-served people he saw when visiting our school. He was the Pastor who saw what was wrong and wanted to set it right. His love and concern for people propelled him into action, and because he so willingly carried out the call of God assigned him, our world is a better place as he exemplified the love of Christ as an example to all of us.


Bonds in the Love of Christ,


Dr. Janice Bowdre, Head of School

Frederick Douglass Christian School

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